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Weiss Walter Fischer-Zernin

Weiss Walter Fischer-Zernin

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    +49 89 290 719 18
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    +49 89 290 719 17
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    Seitzstrasse 8d
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    English, French, Spanish, Italian, German
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    Welcome to the Lawyers, Public Accountants and Tax Advisors Weiss Walter Fischer-Zernin

    Almost 100-Year-Long Tradition
    Our law firm which has an almost 100 year-long tradition was founded by Dr. Dr. Karl Weiss in 1926.

    International Client Base
    Our clients consist of important international groups of companies as well as large medium-sized enterprises, in Germany as well as inside and outside of Europe. In addition, our partners are present in numerous supervisory- and advisory boards of renowned enterprises.

    Highest Professional Level with a Focus on the Economic Goals of our Clients
    Due to our experienced and highly qualified team, we are able to service clients on the highest professional level. The main focus of our advice is the economic goal of our clients and its strict and efficient execution. Our team of lawyers, tax advisors and auditors has specialized and gained a long-standing experience in all areas of commercial and taxation law.

    Competent and Reliable Partner for our Clients
    We are competent and reliable partners for the challenges of the daily business as well as for strategic planning and its implementation. Of course, we also support our clients in the case of disputes, looking either for an amicable solution or fully litigate the dispute, if necessary. In doing so, the key of our success is economic thinking, consequent acting and diligent negotiation.

    Accompanied Foreign Clients entering German Market for Decades
    On this basis and with our profound knowledge of foreign languages we have for decades accompanied foreign clients, which are active in the German market or intending to do so. For these clients, we also render comprehensive legal and tax advice, especially regarding the start of their economic activities, be it by way of a subsidiary, a joint venture or the acquisition of a shareholding.
    Our focus is mainly Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Finance, Tax Law, Corporate Law, Real Estate Law, Labor Law, Food Law, Insolvency Law and Restructuring, as well as litigation in these areas..

    Contact person for English and Spanish speaking clients is Dr. Oliver Wulff (