ExpertiseMembers of JCA focus on business and corporate law

Members of JCA International mostly focus on business and corporate law. Their work is of a commercial nature with a significant portion of cross-border transactions.

JCA International member firms have developed their own strengths reflecting the requirements of their national markets and specific clients.

Members of JCA International act for a wide variety of international and national commercial clients from small to medium-sized companies, high net worth individuals, family businesses to large public enterprises, and are dedicated to offering tailor-made solutions for legal and commercial problems of various kinds.

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suitcase  Business Law

JCA International is specialized in international and national contracts, the law of corporations and other business organizations. Among others, business law involves labor law, employment law, intellectual property, antitrust, secured transactions, securities, commercial paper, income tax, pensions and benefits, bankruptcy, trusts & estates and immigration law.

handshake  Corporate Law

JCA International specializes in corporate law. We work with all sizes of corporations that have separate legal personality. These have limited or unlimited liability for shareholders, which control the company through a board. Boards typically delegate day-to-day management to executives. If the corporation is a public company, shares are traded on a stock exchange.