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JCA International was founded in 1995 with the aim of creating a network of European commercial law firms.

Its individual members provide their clients with services of a comparable standard and quality in the course of cross-border transactions.

JCA’s strength is in close personal relationships between members as well as a high standard of service in terms of quality and competence.

Membership is limited to one member firm per country.

Each member remains the exclusive contact and addressee for its clients, but may utilize the services of other members whenever required by the client.

JCA member firms provide an area-wide coverage of Europe and have established contacts with other law firms all over the world.


We are convinced that personal dedication to the client’s requirements constitutes an essential element of the legal profession.

We trust in personal relationship – the size of our organization allows our members close contacts which form the basis for a trustful and effective collaboration in serving our clients.

We know that local problems require local know-how – our members are experienced both in their respective national jurisdiction as well as in international transactions.


Members of JCA focus on business and corporate law.

Most of their work is of a commercial nature with a significant portion of cross-border transactions.

JCA’s members are also engaged in European community law, competition law, commercial litigation and arbitration as well as other matters of general business and civil law.

Member firms have developed their own strengths as demanded by the requirements of their national markets and specific clients.

Members of JCA act for a wide variety of national and international commercial clients from small to medium-sized companies, high net worth individuals, family businesses to large public enterprises, and are dedicated to offering tailor-made solutions for legal and commercial problems of various kinds.